Recreational Use

Our Pontoon Systems are Easy to install

Building a jetty can often be troublesome and time-consuming. We believe it should be easy and that is why EasyFloat Systems is delivered assembled directly from the factory. Simply attach the fittings you want and then the EasyFloat is easily installed. The individual sections of our standard jetties are so light that two people can carry them when putting the jetty in the water during spring, or taking it up in the fall.


EasyFloat - A good investment

Buying EasyFloat is a good purchase. You might be able to find a cheaper jetty on the market, or one at the same price, but adding together performance, life span and the low need for maintenance into the equation we can claim that EasyFloat is unbeatable.


Two boys on EasyFloat     

Patented design

  • Environmental friendly
  • Durable and wear resistant
  • Light weight
  • Great bouyancy 

Dragon Boat Pontoon Hungary


SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden has tested the product. The test results indicate that it is quite resistant to:  

  • Corrosion
  • Weathering
  • Sunlight
  • Impact
  • Abrasion
  • Staining
  • Fire

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