Minimal impact to the environment

Providing an environmentally friendly dock system has been the main goal in developing EasyFloat, with emphasis on as little impact to the environment as possible. Our docks cause minimal direct disruption to fish habitats and submerged lands.

EasyFloat dock systems minimize any disturbances to a lake or river. No cutting, staining, or end sealing involved. EasyFloat greatly reduces contaminants which could be released into a body of water by other dock systems.


Long life span

EasyFloat is not a wear-and-tear product, on the contrary. The pontoon Systems can be used and enjoyed for many years. This is what we call a genuine care for the environment. Considering that EasyFloat is completely free from impregnated wood and does not require oiling each season, it makes you feel pretty good at the end of the day, giving you more time to enjoy your leisure.  


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Conclusion of SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

"EasyFloat will have no or negligible impact on the environment during its service lifetime"

Protect Nature

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